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Eficiency in its
greatest expression.

B.AR Bio proposes a balanced solution between the baling picking process from the soil and the stubble collecting. It takes advantage of the harvester to make the chopping and harvesting of the leaves at the top of the cane and in the bud, executing two operations in just one pass.


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Making an Impact. 100% Green Energy.

The challenge is to replace the traditional integral harvesting method by the harvesting, collecting and chopping B.AR Bio.

This system can be incorporated in any sugar cane harvester. It offers a good and quick grinding maintenance and chopping control.

Energy, Innovation and Technology.

The harvester with B.AR Bio technology captures in a clean way 60% of the biomass that composes the stubble (without dust), and the rest of the leaves are distributed in the soil in an uniform manner as soil protection.

B.AR BIO Process

The system was developed to recover the biomass as a by- product from the sugar plantation. This technology increases the crop efficiency to its highest level and achieves a product with the best quality and best cost-benefit task relationship as well. It saves fuel, it avoids logistic issues, and it evades soil compaction and environmental pollution becauseof the burn.

The Right Choice

B.AR Bio offers a new form of operation that allows to obtain the maximum potential of the crop, save fuel and also avoid logistical complications and environmental pollution due to burning.

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